Get Down With O.C.P!


Pizza  | Old City Pizza : Philadelphia, PA

To Philadelphians, the pizza battle isn’t as hotly debated as many other food groups in this city. After all, those looking for a debate need only talk about the best cheese-steak, the best soft pretzel, or the most amazing hoagie, to start a real conversation about food with local residents. Even so, we’ve made sure that our pies can survive any such debate and reign as the best in the city.

Fresh Ingredients Dominate Everything We Do

There is a definite difference between food prepared with fresh ingredients and those dishes that use frozen ingredients instead. The flavors simply are not as robust and distinct, and that leads to a pie that suffers in terms of quality and overall excitement. We don’t subject our customers to pies made from frozen ingredients, processed foods, and a wide variety of other decorators.

At our location, we believe that fresh tastes best. That’s why everything we make uses the freshest cheeses, meats, and vegetables, available to us. Our customers know the difference and they appreciate our commitment to better quality.