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The area surrounding Philadelphia’s oldest landmarks and most significant city blocks has been on the march from an obscure tourist destination to one of the most popular locations in the country during the busy summer season. In fact, much of our city’s revenue is derived from conventions, tourist dollars, and restaurant income that increase exponentially during the warmest months of the year. We saw an opportunity to bring authentic cuisine and lightning-fast service to this city, and we took it. We opened our doors to rave reviews and have never looked back.

Italian, Greek, and Everything in Between

While Philadelphia might be an all-American city, there is simply no denying that this city is an “eating city.” Most people don’t come here to be impressed by all-American dishes. Instead, they’ll leave their preferences for patriotic nostalgia to the historic landmarks that characterize Old City and Society Hill. When they want to eat, visitor to Philadelphia expect a great meal that will bring them the best flavors of a far-off place. That’s what they’ve been told to expect, of course, and that’s what we are here to deliver.

Our restaurant excels at Italian cuisine and a few Greek dishes that are among the best in the city. Our goal with every order is to transport our customers, ever so briefly, outside the City of Brotherly Love and to the place where democracy got its name. We do that on a daily basis to rave reviews, both in person and on websites like Yelp, and it’s our pleasure to bring this touch of class and taste to the city.

Stop By Today and See How We Make a Difference

We encourage local Philly residents and visitors to the area to stop by our location on 3rd Street to see how our dishes compare with the competition. Rest assured that our recipes are more flavorful, more exciting, and better tasting, than anything else in this part of the city or the area at large.