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Get Down With O.C.P!

Italian Restaurant - Old City Pizza

Italian Restaurant  | Old City Pizza : Philadelphia, PA

Few things characterize Philadelphia like a good Italian restaurant. After all, our city is home to an entire neighborhood full of Italian restaurants and markets that have made their way into a large number of television shows and films. We know that the competition is tough and located all throughout the city, but we’re willing to bet our customers love our food the most.

An Authentic, Fresh Approach to Italian Food

The hallmark of a great Italian restaurant is the adherence to time-tested recipes and fresh ingredients in everything that is prepared for loyal customers. That’s exactly what we offer, with family recipes that have stood the test of time and delighted our customers for years. IN addition to our excellent recipes, we also offer nothing but fresh ingredients in every dish that we sell to our patrons.

To see the difference that authentic cooking with fresh ingredients can make, we urge locals and visitors alike to stop by and give us a try. We can’t wait to impress.