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Pizza | Old City Pizza

To Philadelphians, the pizza battle isn’t as hotly debated as many other food groups in this city. After all, those..

Italian Restaurant | Old City Pizza

Few things characterize Philadelphia like a good Italian restaurant. After all, our city is home to an entire..

Greek Food | Old City Pizza

While the central focus of our restaurant is on Italian fare, we actually have a small portion of our menu that..

Located in historic Old City, Philadelphia, we’re a great option for tourists and locals. Our pizza is the best in town!

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A Prime Location for Visitors and Locals Alike

Philadelphia is a thriving northeastern city that has bounced back from its darkest days and is enjoying a renaissance, of sorts. We’re proud to be centrally located in the historic district that led the charge, and we proudly open our doors to tourists and local Philadelphia residents alike. Since our founding, we have enjoyed meeting people from all across the country who know exactly what they want from their Italian or Greek dishes. When paired with our excellent service and prompt approach to dining, customers leave our restaurant satisfied in large numbers all throughout the year. For a high-quality, affordable, and very quick meal, look no further than our Old City location.

Plenty of Dishes to Choose From

Sure, our name might say “Old City Pizza,” we but we long ago realized that the key to a thriving restaurant business is to offer a diverse number of choices that can meet the approval of every taste. To that end, we’ve paired our excellent pies with authentic cuisine from around Italy and Greece. Since we first came to the area, we’ve been known for food that exceeds our customers’ expectations and transports them from the site of the American revolution to the site of Coliseum or the Parthenon. That’s a pretty impressive feat, and it’s something we take pride in.

Quick Food No Matter the Time of Day

Philadelphia has a reputation for impatient locals who demand their meals in a hurried fashion and, while that might be more stereotype than reality, we’ve made sure that our business can cater to people of all patience levels. That’s why everything from our delicious pies to our more traditional dishes comes out of the oven fresh, piping hot, and ready to eat, in a very short amount of time. We know that local Philly residents need to get back to work or onto bigger and better things, and we know that visitors have lots of exploring to do.

We promise not to hold up either of those pursuits with slow service or poor attention to our customers, even during the busiest times of the day.